Vienna NMR Seminar Series

We’re organizing a seminar series once per semester on NMR and magnetic resonance in general. If you are interested in joining please contact us.

Please find a list of former speaker and future events below:


Mattia Negroni (Kurzbach Group)

Lothar Brecker

Julien Orts


Paul Schanda

Fanny Kozak (Kurzbach Group)

Nicolas Coudeville


Ludovica M. Epasto (Kurzbach Group)

Jonathan Lefebre (Rademacher Group)


Waldemar Keil

Jakob Schneider (Schanda Group)

Dongyoon Kim (Rademacher Group)

Preliminary date: 5.12.2023

Dörte Brandis (Kurzbach Group)

Yunzhan Ning (Rademacher Group)

Paul Vasos